*** Piegāde ar Omniva

to charm, fascinate, amaze

a beautiful world with your eyes...

This online shop is intended for eyelash extension masters, for those who have just begun to study extension technique, as well as for all who are interested in glitter-body tattoo.

Our philosophy

One of the fundamental principles of our company is to offer each customer a wide range of eyelash extension materials available in the market nowadays. These are materials that have stood the test of time and materials that have been just appeared in the market, however have already come across very well.

In addition, we provide materials for temporary, but at the same time for very bright body tattoos.

Our shop allows you to choose certified materials for work that will be complemented by various innovations in the industry. Therefore we have developed an individual discount program for every customer, based on master's experience and activity.

The next step is to promote the cooperation with our customers. We are opened to the dialogue and criticism, in order to be able to offer you a high-quality materials for your work. This is done, in order a true master does not face any obstacles during such a delicate charming image creation process. Therefore we are ready to accept and process your orders timely, as well as to inform you about updates.

We tend to attract a top-class masters for cooperation, as well as to implement an additional quality control of materials. We are trying to improve the quality of our services, taking into account comments and offers of our customers.

It is very important that we are not eyelash extension training center. Everyone minds his own business, therefore our aim is to offer a high-quality materials and a wide range in every moment when it is convenient for you!